how do i get my video on vevo

So, you’ve heard all about Vevo, and its benefits. Now you’re asking yourself, how you can obtain a Vevo channel? Do I need to be authorized with a label to get an official stations? Just how can I submit video clips to my Vevo stations? Instead of giving on your own a frustration with each one of your inquiries, let us supply a straightforward response: ViewManiac

As an official content companion with Vevo, our service allows any kind of artist, authorized or anonymous, to set up an account and also hop on Vevo. We could additionally add videos to existing channels as well as make them offered on your Vevo make up no added cost. Also, every article via ViewManiac is qualified for the same advertising opportunities as the majors.

Now, you may not be asking yourself, once I produce a Vevo channel, for how long will it take just before the web page is active? After all the files as well as details are submitted, Vevo will separately procedures and examine your video as well as artist. This process can use up to 2 weeks to trigger your the artist channel. When the stations is established you can bring in additional video clips swiftly and effortlessly at no extra fee. Plus, after you established your preliminary Vevo accounts using ViewManiac, you will be able to keep track of the entry and withdraw any type of money gained straight from our control panel.

Generate cash off an unlimited number of video clips on Vevo for only $20 each year per artist. Plus, Vevo is related to YouTube, so all your video material will be searchable with YouTube!

To learn more about how to get a vevo music artist account go to ViewManiac now!

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