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So, you have actually heard everything about Vevo, as well as its perks. Now you’re asking on your own, how you can acquire a Vevo stations? Do I need to be authorized with a tag to obtain an official stations? How can I post videos to my Vevo channel? As opposed to giving on your own a migraine with every one of your questions, permit us supply a straightforward answer: ViewManiac

As an official content partner with Vevo, our service permits any sort of artist, authorized or unsigned, to establish an account and also jump on Vevo. We could likewise bringing in video clips to alreadying existing stations and make them offered on your Vevo account for no additional charge. Best of all, every submission with ViewManiac is qualified for the same marketing chances as the majors.

Now, you may not be asking yourself, as soon as I develop a Vevo network, for how long will it take just before the page is energetic? After all the documents and information are submitted, Vevo will individually processes and review your video and artist. This procedure can use up to 2 weeks to trigger your the artist stations. As soon as the channel is established you can add additional video clips swiftly and conveniently at no extra fee. Plus, after you set up your preliminary Vevo accounts making use of ViewManiac, you will certainly be able to keep an eye on the submission and also take out any type of money gained straight from our dash.

Generate cash off an endless variety of videos on Vevo for simply $20 annually per artist. Plus, Vevo is related to YouTube, so each one of your video material will be searchable with YouTube!

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